The Economy


Maximizing wind, solar, and other clean electricity resources starts with a modernized grid that leverages these resources and withstands the threats of a changing climate. And it means converting uses and sectors that currently depend on fossil fuels– like transportation–to clean electricity.

Power Grid

Clean, Resilient Power For All

To unleash the full power of renewables, we need advanced distribution systems and battery storage, both built to withstand an increasingly volatile climate. And we need innovation to continue to drive down the cost of solar, smart-energy products, and utility-scale batteries.

For example, Environmental Defense Fund is working in the Caribbean with residents and local leaders to pilot solar-charged microgrids and energy storage solutions that bring resilient and reliable electricity to remote locations where residents are most vulnerable to climate-fueled storms.


Affordable Zero-Emission Vehicles

Transportation accounts for a large and growing portion of climate emissions and local air pollution. It’s also one of the best candidates to transition to clean electricity.

As auto markets rapidly transition toward electric cars, the buses and trucks that move our economies are the next major opportunity to reduce these emissions.